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SEO Content Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist

Looking for an SEO content writer that ranks on search engines and creates an impact on human readers. My mantra is organizing content for search engines and editing from the reader’s point view.

My Work

B2C SEO Copywriting

B2C SEO Content Writing

Immunity Boosting Tea: For Yethai Tea.
Digestion Enhancer Green Tea: For Yethai Tea.

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Website Copy, Newsletters, Product Marketing (B2B)

B2B Website Copy & Newsletters

Technical documents, website, and products for company and clients.

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B2C Script Writing

B2C Script Writing

Hindi Scripts for Audio Series (Ghostwriting).

B2C Content Strategy Whitepaper

B2C Content Strategy Whitepaper

Content strategy whitepaper for Udayy (educational institution) for marketing and brand development.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Mithaas – The Banquet and Restaurant and increased followers by 40% over a year.



Gurukul Tales: Teacher-Student Stories from Ancient IndiaRanked #2 in Mythology and Folk Tales.
Adhyatma Upanishad: English Translation with CommentaryRanked #2 in Philosophy and Spiritual Growth.

CMS - WordPress

CMS – WordPress

Created and designed WordPress website for blog and books. Ranks within the first 10 results on Google for many keywords within a year.

How can I add Value?

Any writer worth their salt must have good language, grammar, and editing skills. A good SEO content writer should also know the tricks of writing different content: using images, headings, fonts, data, citations, and more. Together with the previous techniques, I use four tools to add value to my writing:

Organized Research

I don’t just research the topic for keywords and statistics, but also research the client and the market. Finally, I research myself. I find out what I like about the content, what I dislike, and I find the character inside me who is as passionate about the topic as my employer is or the reader should be.


I have a good grasp on technology, and I try to keep up with the new advancements. From the detailed workings of SEO to CMS, AI generators, and SaaS, I study technology as a hobby. I create content that suits and supports the intent of my client as well the reader’s search intent, fitting the technological needs of both.

Sales and Marketing

Whether it is a personal social media post or bottom of the Funnel business article, someone is always selling something. I believe, the outcome of the writing should not only be engagement but closing that sale. The social media post should influence the reader and the blog post should change the prospect’s mind. Thanks to my background in sales and marketing, I have been trained in always creating impressive and convincing content.

Psychology & Philosophy

I never forget that a good SEO is the step to reach human readers. Adding a seasoning of philosophy and culture helps connect with my readers. As a result, you will find my writings sprinkled with examples of music, movies, spirituality, and culture. I feel it makes the content engaging for readers and the writer remains sane in the commercial race turning artists into androids.

About me

Digvijay Shahi - Writer/Author

I live in Bangalore, India with my family and have a keen interest in philosophy and spirituality, especially ancient wisdom of the sages. I started writing as a way to understand what I read, but soon found out that I have the knack for it. With 7+ years of experience in SEO Content Writing, Copy Writing, and Social Media Writing, I am also an Author on Amazon KDP with a 4.5-star rating.

My past career in sales and marketing at Asian Paints Ltd. and Business Development Manager at Max Bohr Consulting LLP (an IT Consulting firm) gave me an extra edge for writing digital marketing content. My grasp on market through sales and understanding of technology through my studies (MBA-IT) makes me capable of writing a variety of content. I specialize in writing content on B2B/B2C marketing, lifestyle, philosophy, and spirituality.

I try to be organized in life and at work. Punctuality is a priority for me, and I believe, time management and organizing are the keys to smart work. Other than writing, my hobbies include movies, music, and travel—probably the most common hobbies. I also like reading, thinking, and eating—in the same order.

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Bangalore, India

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