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Adhyatma Upanishad by Digvijay Shahi

Explore Consciousness

Walk the Path of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Gurukul Tales by Digvijay Shahi
Gurukul Tales by Digvijay Shahi

Explore Consciousness

Walk the Path of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Gurukul Tales by Digvijay Shahi
Gurukul Tales by Digvijay Shahi

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my website!

Although I do not know you, neither you me, if you are here, we certainly have a connection. I am always a little tipsy with the charismatic wonderings of the spiritual. How my life became what it is; how you have landed here; how the enquiries in our brains connect us! Who am I? Who are you? How are we same or how are we different? Here’s a thought that comes to mind when I think about us:

Hello there! I am a writer.
I have lived the usual life, completed my education.
Ran the rat race, married, and had a child.
People normally like me and I like them.
Life has been good to me, and for you I hope the same.
I have lived a life of passion, been on the quest to find myself.
This was my introduction. now you know me like I myself.
This was my introduction. I know me like one sees the world.
I talk about me with a fishbone in my throat.
Who am I? Glimpses of last year’s dreams.
Am I just another human being or a unique soul?
Is writing my identity or is a child my goal?
Aren’t we all transactions of time?
Possibly, I am a summation of my life.
Contrarily, I may never know. However, now I realize.
When you seem to know me, I can say that I am a part of you, just another being.



Psyche is my Muse, and I Write to Imagine.

An expert on Hindu mythology, Digvijay Shahi is an author of personal development books. His passion for spiritual writing was inspired by the wisdom in ancient Indian literature. In his books, you will find ancient stories and imaginative ideas about the singular spirit that weaves the entire universe. On his blog, he writes about meditation, yoga, and personal transformation.

His favorite pastime is messing about with his son. Except books, he is a fan of music, irrespective of its genre, likes mind melting movies. To know more about Digvijay, check out his books, read posts, or subscribe to his social channels.

Digvijay Shahi - writer/author
My Story…

Although it is difficult for me to talk about myself (being a typical introvert), I will try my best.

I am a regular Jack except I have taken the path of discovering the pure consciousness. Before becoming a writer six years ago, I worked in sales & marketing. Working the trials of the market, I gained rigorous experience. I liked my job, but the hidden longing for philosophy and writing kept pinching me. The pinches did not wake me up as I slept under the spell-bounding lullaby of the practical illusion. I needed something harder, and it came as a bitter-sweet motorcycle accident.

The three-month bed rest that came after it changed my priorities. Freedom from usual obligations, and my family’s pity helped me spend those days in a quiet internal-thinking environment. My realization shook me to the core, and I had an epiphany. I had dived headfirst to reinvent my life. Venturing into my long-lost passion, I started working as a writer to improve my English skills (my second language). My aim was to write at least one historical-religious-fiction and one spiritual non-fiction. Before I could put out something, I spent ages in research and did my little experiments with spirituality. After much hard work and a long (really long) waiting period, I was convinced with my grasp on the Hindu philosophy.

Finally, I wrote a short story compilation. I thought if I had to start somewhere, my first should be about the importance of virtuous teachers. ‘Gurukul Tales’. ranked #2 on Amazon in ‘Mythology and Folk tales’. Then, I wrote a translation and commentary on the famous ‘Adhyatma Upanishad’. It ranked #2 in ‘Philosophy and Spiritual Growth’. Even before these publications, I was always confident about my knowledge. However, I hadn’t realized how tough being a writer was going to be.

Like all writers, I faced phases of hopelessness and anxiety, but my first two books gave me enough confidence to continue. Now, I find my goal in my sight. I am working on my first non-fiction, a book on personal transformation through yoga (title to be decided). Hopefully, I will complete it soon and may it have a useful context for the modern world. However, I am not worried about its success, as I will have crossed one task from my bucket list. Even in the future, I plan to keep diving deeper and share my findings on the workings of consciousness. That is all anyone can know about me. However, to know about oneself is a different story.

My Inspiration

Once we become conscious, even dimly, of the Atman, the reality within us, the world takes on a very different aspect. It is no longer a court of justice but a kind of gymnasium. Good and evil, pain and pleasure, still exist, but they seem more like the ropes and vaulting horses and parallel bars that can be used to strengthen our bodies. Maya is no longer an endlessly revolving wheel of pain and pleasure but a ladder which can be climbed to the consciousness of the reality.”
― Adi Shankaracharya


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Adhyatma Upanishad in English eBook free
Gurukul Tales - Teacher-Student Stories from Ancient India eBook free
Gurukul Tales - Teacher-Student Stories from Ancient India eBook
Adhyatma Upanishad in English eBook free
Gurukul Tales - Teacher-Student Stories from Ancient India eBook free
Gurukul Tales - Teacher-Student Stories from Ancient India eBook

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