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Adhyatma Upanishad

With English Translation and Commentary

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It’s time to remove your misconceptions about spirituality and open your eyes to the true meaning.

Adhyatma Upanishad is one of the most important Upanishads of Hinduism. Its teachings are not just about spirituality but also comprise modern science and mathematics. With its lucid translation and well-researched commentary, you will get a holistic view of the essence of spirituality.

How many times have you heard the vague definitions of spiritual terms? How many times has the philosophy disappointed you with unpracticality? You don’t have the time or the energy to read lengthy texts. You are interested, but can’t read Sanskrit, or maybe find the translations “too religious”.

This short book is a perfect primer on the ancient wisdom that can help guide you on your spiritual path. It offers a comprehensive look at reality, consciousness, and bliss. Its translation is simple, yet accurate. Instead of ancient religious words, this book uses a scientific diction for the modern readers. With detailed explanations, this eBook is ideal for beginners. For the experts, this book presents a new perspective of meanings behind the ancient texts.

Pick up this eBook today and start becoming the best version of yourself!

Read an overview of “Adhyatma Upanishad – in English”.

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A Short Overview:

What are the Upanishads?

The Upanishads are some of the most ancient and revered texts in Hinduism. They offer insights into spirituality, philosophy, and meditation. As a commentary to the Vedas, and many sages have contributed to its compilation. They explore the nature of reality, consciousness, and the self through discussions on the universe, the soul, and physics. In summary, the Upanishads are the window to the knowledge of the Vedas and, hence, the soul. A person need not study any other philosophy once they have engraved the ultimate knowledge into their minds.

Who should read the Upanishads?

One needs self-study and speculation to realize their meaning and implement them in life. They are an incomparable help to any student who wants to plan their future the right way, or a person suffering from a mid-life or a late-life crisis. Even scientists have appreciated the knowledge in these ancient religious texts.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, known for leading the Manhattan Project, learned Sanskrit to read the Bhagavad Gita.

Erwin Schrödinger was the Nobel prize winner for physics in 1933. We know him for the famous Schrödinger’s Cat paradox. He wrote, “There is obviously only one alternative, namely the unification of minds or consciousnesses. Their multiplicity is only apparent. In truth, there is only one mind. This is the doctrine of the Upanishads.”

Many others have found refuge in their wisdom. The Upanishads transcend common philosophy and impart eternal truth with scientific knowledge. All wise people must read it.

About Adhyatma Upanishad

This Upanishad compiles the knowledge of Shukla-Yajurveda. Lord Parashuram is its teacher, who preaches about the eternal soul to his students. He had learned from his teacher Raikva, who learned from Angiras. Angiras learned from Brahma and Brahma learned it from Apantaratam. The supreme God, Shiva, taught this knowledge to Apantaratam first hand. Lord Shiva is the representation of the supreme God who creates, maintains, and destroys the world. He has taught several sages, the art of yoga and other disciplines that help attain liberation.

Adhyatma Upanishad talks about the supreme spirit in oneself. The supreme soul is universal and omnipresent. However, the beings bound by senses and ignorance do not know it. The material universe is an illusion which exists because of ego. Until ego is present in the body, one cannot realize this ultimate truth. The ignorant beings, trapped in material actions, remain in a loop of actions and consequences.

The Upanishad shows how losing desire for the material leads to a liberation called ‘living-freedom’. It shows how dedication to the singular and the universal destroys all past accumulated actions. It also mentions that one must face the past consequences at any cost but resolves the paradox by unveiling the true form of the soul. The Upanishad asks the yogi to focus only on their soul and leave everything else. By realizing the soul within, one attains samadhi ‘balanced state’ and becomes one with the universal soul.

Perfect for spiritual guides and yoga enthusiasts, this book provides guidance to those who seek spirituality, want to learn the ultimate truth about the soul, or want to find a purpose in life. In 71 verses, this book takes the reader from teaching the control of senses to the realization of the soul. Anyone who understands its meaning is bound to change their world view. Anyone who practices it will liberate from life to become one with the supreme, universal soul. It’s short enough to read in one sitting but contains enough information for a lifetime of practice.

So, enjoy the true wisdom of an Upanishad!

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