We surrender ourselves to the God who created the universe and respect the one that lives within. We bow down to the souls who taught us to understand and survive the adversities of nature.
The world has endured a lot of distress, and the people we saw last were brave for doing what they did to make us safe.
But the question remains. Are we safe and content? Are we satisfactory? Or are we ready?
With time, we as a civilization have lost interest in introspection. We have become blindly preoccupied with our current growth and its fulfillment. We have forgotten our long-term goals and consequently, have lost touch with philosophy and mythology. But maintaining an equilibrium between act and thought is of utmost necessity. After all, it needs a continuous effort to fight a continuously changing world.

Pratishabd: The Idea

Pratishabd is an idea that discusses the priorities in a person’s life by understanding the situations with respect to time and knowledge. It approaches to reach out to the reader’s deep thoughts. It questions the regular practices of life, and it asks you to stop and ponder over, what really is important.
We want to introduce a philosophical perspective into every tiny thing that can give the reader a view to speculating. Pratishabd discusses technology, mythology, philosophy, art, and science. It interrogates life, expressed as a result of material, spiritual, abstract, and tangible states of the mind. Above all, it innovates practical ideas which can prepare us one step further for the new world order. And finally, it encourages passive decisions that make slow changes in the civilization and equate to the slow momentum of time without causing any big ripples.
Because, in the end, we want to make a revolutionary change that frees us all from the bondage of pain and fear, and leads us to peace and prosperity, the destination that matters.

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