Religion, traditions, spirituality etc. are frequent topics of discussion now a days. The reason I find for this is because they were a very important part of the old culture once. But now, they are losing meaning. We cannot seem to accept such values because  hey are fictional and irrelevant. At the same time, we cannot let go of them because we do not understand, why they were so important to our ancestors; And if they hold some mystery to it. Two such words which are associated with religion and spirituality and have lost touch in the modern days are ‘belief’ and ‘faith’. ‘Belief’ somehow finds a place in all the cultures while ‘faith’ is struggling today.

The Adolescent World

TheModern Erais highly confused with the questions like what do we believe in? Is our belief, right? Should we believe in the spiritual or the material? Should we have Faith? Is knowledge everything? Etc. The fact is that we have witnessed so much scientific revolution that all the old books make no sense anymore. We believe in change and have ignored the fact that some things don’t change and won’t change until the end. Even though we know that evolution takes a time of million years to change things, the child in us is convinced that we are completely evolved; And somehow are totally different from the people a hundred or a thousand years before.

So, we should drive our societies in a way that has nothing borrowed from the past. As a result, we are in an age that is set to wrong the past generations. Like a child at the bloom of adolescence, we try to negate everything that the older generations have believed in. We have developed habits of not believing in many things. For example, we do not believe in God or a higher power or in orthodox rituals. We do not believe in traditions or superstitions or in religion and the list goes on. The trick here is that we cannot have faith in something we do not believe in.

Faith in a Belief

The question here is that why has faith lost its meaning, but belief has not? The answer is that a person will have to believe in something after all. He/she must believe either in God or humanity; life or death; nature or universe as one super brain; science or even the devil himself. But there cannot be an individual who does not believe in something because that would be a non-belief in reality. But what about faith; why don’t they have faith in what they believe in? That is because ‘faith’ is a word that comes from believing in the right. So, if a person believes in God and trusts that it is the right way of life, he will have faith in it. However, a person may believe in evil, but if he does not think that evil is the right choice, he cannot have faith in the devil.

We are encountering the results of somewhat of the same kind of actions. The modern age is studying science and logic compulsorily, but art and philosophy are  optional. We define things and give them names that are related to science and logic. But nature and humanity are only finite, and science involves the study of only the physical and the apparent universe.  additionally, it is a continuous failing study. It must fail and wrong itself every day to develop something new. So, believing in ideas like humanity and nature give us the fear of end and believing in science is torturing one’s self when we are wronged every day. We thus disable ourselves in having faith in what we believe. As an automatic result of believing in all the material things and the loss of faith, we do not get the pleasure and satisfaction we want.

The Natural Balance

Every person feels it inside that there is something in them that cannot be described by all the formulas, logic and language of the whole wide world. This feeling becomes the spiritual aspect of the psychology. This aspect is capable of and in fact is made for managing the satisfaction and contentment in a human brain. But the confusion between the two aspects of the same person and depression of the spiritual mind becomes the main reason of pain and dissatisfaction. This is when we sit and wonder why our grandparents were so content with their mediocre lives.

So, the solution is in the belief which should be in something that is permanent; and something that we can hold on to, even if it is fictional. Only then can we have faith in what we believe and develop confidence to fight our demons or be at peace in life and be satisfied. So, it is of utmost importance for us to find something permanent that we can have faith in. It does not matter if science and logic after discovering everything from the beginning to the end can give that permanent factor. But till we are not all knowing, just for the sake of our sanity and peace, we should not discourage all the old thoughts and rob a person of their standing belief.


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