Namaskāra to Sacchidānanda Lord Krishna. He for the creation, establishment, and annihilation of the world, destroys the three energies namely spiritual, godly, and material. He takes several avatar and rids the world of its misery.

Munivara Shaunak was an expert in enjoying the nectar of God’s literature. He once saluted and asked the great Sootji who was present in the Naimishāranya area; About the literature that could liberate a person in Kaliyuga and establish them in the faith of God. Sootji told Shaunakji about the miracles of Bhagvata Purana and its weekly discipline of reading. From the conversation between Sootji and Shaunakji from Shreemada Bhagwata Purāna, an invaluable gem comes out. Sootji describes the Avatar of Sacchidānanda Bhagwāna Shree Krishna as follows.

Shree Sootji Says

“In the beginning, Bhagwāna willed to create the worlds. By his will, he attained the Purusha-form (body) from Mahatatva, etc. It had ten Indriya (senses), five Bhoota (elements), and one Mana (mind) as the sixteen Kalā (instruments). When lying on the source-ocean, he expanded his Yoga-Nidrā (fantasy), a lotus apparated from his navel-like lake. From the lotus took birth the lord of Prajāpatis, Brahma. All the worlds exist In that great manifestation of God. That manifest is the supremely pure fact of God. Yogis see the manifest with help of divine vision. It has numerous legs, thighs, arms, and faces and is eccentric in nature. It consists of numerous heads, ears, eyes, and noses. Numerous crowns and jewels excite the manifest. This Purusha which is Narayana is the source of all Avatars. From the extremely small parts of this manifest are born, gods, animals, birds, and humans.

  • The same manifest in the first Kaumāra Sarga (infant section) took the Avatar in the forms of Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanātana, and Sanatkumara. They abided to extremely difficult and seamless Brahmacharya (non-creation).
  • The second time, for the welfare of the world, the same God who is the master of all Yagya (procedures) became Varāha (hog) to bring the earth back from Rasātala (a form of hell).
  • In the creatives of Rishis (seers), he took the third Avatar of Nārada. He preached the Satvata Tantra also known as the Nārada-Panchrātra. It describes how deeds can liberate a person from the cycle of deeds.
  • From his wife Murti’s womb, he took the fourth Avatar of Nara-Nārāyana. In this Avatar he became a Rishi and carried our tough penances by completely controlling the mind and the senses.
  • In his fifth Avatar, he apparated as the master of Siddha (determinants), Kapila. He preached Sānkhya Shāstra to a Brahman named Asuri. This Shāstra determines the elements and had been lost in time.
  • As a boon to Ansuyā, he took birth as Dattātreya, son of Ātri in his sixth Avatar. In this Avatar he preached Brahmagyāna (universal knowledge) to Alarka, Prahlāda, etc.
  • The seventh time, as a son to Ruchi Prajapati and his wife Ākuti he incarnated as Yagya. With his sons Yāma and other gods, he created the Swāyambhuva Manvantara (first time-frame).
  • He took his eighth Avatar in the form of Rishabh Deva from the womb of Meru Devi, wife of king Nābhi. In this form, he showed the path of Paramhansa (supreme soul) which is worshiped by the Āshramis (conventionists).
  • In response to the prayers of Rishis, he incarnated as Prithu, the ninth time. Shaunak Rishi, in this Avatar he extracted all the medicines from the earth. This is why this Avatar did welfare to everyone.
  • At the end of Chākshusa Manvantara (sixth time-frame), the trifecta world was drowning in the oceans. He then took the tenth Avatar as Matsya (fish); And saved the lord of next Manvantara, Vaivaswat Manu by putting him on the boat of earth.
  • When the gods and the demons were churning the ocean, he incarnated eleventh time as Kachha (turtle); And held Mandarāchala (mountain) on his back.
  • The twelfth time, he apparated from the ocean as Dhanvantri and brought the nectar.
  • The thirteenth time he became Mohini to mesmerize the demons and served the nectar to gods.
  • In his fourteenth Avatar, he took the form of Narsingh; And devoured the chest of the extremely powerful demon Hiranyakashipu like weaver tears the straws while making a mat.
  • The fifteenth time, he went to the Yagya (a ritual) of king Bali in the form of Vamana (child). He took control of the trifecta world by asking only for three feet of land.
  • Sixteenth Avatar Parshurāma when saw that the kings had become rebels to Brahmans, rid the earth of Kshatriya (a caste) twenty-one times.
  • In his seventeenth Avatar, he took birth from the womb of Satyavati from Parāsharji as Vyasa. At the time he saw that the understanding and the belief system of the population were incredibly low. He created several branches of the tree that is Veda.
  • In the eighteenth time, to fulfill the acts of gods, he took the Avatar of a king as Rama. And performed several activities like bridge erection, slaying Rāvana, etc.
  • In his nineteenth and twentieth Avatar, he took birth as Balrāma and Shree Krishna and unburdened the earth.
  • After this, in the forthcoming of Kaliyuga, to mesmerize the god-hating demons of Magadha Desha (present Bihar), he will take the Avatar of Buddha as the son of Ajana, a Brahman.
  • Past that, when Kaliyuga will be near its end, kings will become looters. In the home of a Brahman named Vishnuyash, the savior of the world, he will incarnate as Kalki.

Shaunaka Rishi, like numerous streams originating from an unmeasurable lake, true-nectar god Shree Hari incarnates in infinite forms. Rishi, Manu, Gods, Prajapati, Manu-Putra and all the other powerful and the great are all parts of god only.”

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