You lived a magnificent past,

That which was majestic and glorious-

Renowned was your freedom,respect and dignity-

Which unfortunately has ended to its last!

Time-has renovated the civilization,

You are taught to bear,be it injustice or pain,

Without uttering a word of complaint!

They have chained you, in ‘made by them’ regulations!

Every night you cry alone-

Befriending darkness and loneliness,

Safe, you are not,even in mother’s womb,

And,they never care about your moan!

Oh! Chained Woman, break the chains,Fear Not-

Synonym not only to beauty but also to strength you are-

You are a full circle.

Powered to create, nurture and achieve a lot!

Remember, thou art deity of wisdom and power.

So, wake up! Its high time now-

To reform the society, they dominate-

To rise equal to men, demands the hour!

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